Welcome to Tantalistic where you, the customer, is always put first.

Tantalistic has been operating since 2014, a start up company by Mums with kids, a work from home option, which has expanded into a proven business model with proven results over the years.  We have tested and diversified our products.

Our ice pop maker is not only for children but treats the entire family can enjoy. And have fun making them. Our pets supplement is a treat for our beloved pets at the same time giving them joint health and easing their pain from arthritis. Our all natural ingredients make these a safe solution to hip and joint problems. Bluetooth wireless headphones make computer work so much easier being hands free as well as jobs around the house or driving in the car. And to keep it all natural while maintaining our youthful look is our Vitamin C Serum for the face and cellulite cream for silky, smooth, toned legs. Take a look at our products page and choose the product you would like to receive your coupon for.

Producing advanced and sensibly priced solutions for all of our potential customers is our number one priority. We always attempt to go the extra mile in client support, value, and awareness of detail – that is part of our mission. Our team pushes improvement in the market to better provide for our customers’ expectations.


Why is Our Company Unique?

We focus on happy customers, providing the best service and ensuring each of our customers is totally happy with their purchase, well educated on how to use it and we do our utmost to sort any problems timorously and fairly.  We consider you as part of the family.

It’s our love of the work, our capacity to get things done quickly and our devotion to our customers.  Some of the finest compliments we’ve received are about our concentration on details and skill to meet individuals’ needs.  We truly value the positive suggestions we’ve received, we take note of any criticism as constructive and do our best to improve all the time.  We cherish our clients and we encourage you to leave us feedback to help us improve on our products or service.

Meet the team at Tantalistic

Linda Accounts Manager

Michelle Marketing Manager



Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries at all and we will work with you to resolve your query until you are 100% satisfied.